Social skill assessment

Finding your way as a ex.pat or job professional is not quite easy in german society. Many (local) rules, spoken or implicit differ from English, U.S., Dutch or French culture.

We too offer companies and job professionals a coaching onto several strategic themes:"Training tool for your social skills", how to manage succesfully interviews in german language, for instance "Conflict management in team", or "How to effectuate your strategic performance in the job", "Knowledge how to overcome the glas ceiling", "Applying for a new job", "Perfect your articulation skills in german language".

The cost of these coachings depends on the theme, how much preparation is to be accomplished, is the training for one person or group?

We are experienced with lectures in English, German or Dutch language with peculiar themes: communication and social skills for professionals.


Please contact us by phone or email if you need more specific information.

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