FAQ (english)

Frequent asked questions about our practice and therapy in English

1. Is it possible to receive a speech therapy in English in Cologne (Germany)?

Yes, we are a multi-lingual practice and it can be significant to be primarily taught in English, combined with the German language.

2. Is it possible to change my accent?

Yes, a accent can be trained or developed. Important to realise: a certain accent or dialect is valuable, because it is a important inherited part of our education. The main thing is: is my articulation intelligeable, can it be understood easily? 


3. Is video therapy just as effective compared to face to face?

For myself, I prefer vis a vis teaching. But we experienced, due to the Corona lockdown in 2020 to learn and teach on video. It is different, but can be very effective wenn preparations are logical and on the job.


4. Can you also teach me german articulation and grammar?

 Anna and I, we both can. It depends which level you want to access. As Anna is a german native speaker, she is very experienced in german grammar. German is my third language as english is my second one.  I know pretty well how difficult it is to learn german. But every one with a brain, capable to effortness and patience can.


5. How much cost a online video teaching (from abroad)?

We asked for a online speech or language training the same fee as for a german therapy hour. Please contact us on email for further details.


6. I have a french accent, when I speak german, and want to learn fluent Deutsch. Can this be taugh?

Yes it can, but it depends on how flexible your cyberkinetic system is. If you can immitate voice or actors well, it is said that learning a standard accent will be more easily. 


7. Could you also give aphasie therapy in english or another language?

It is possible, although we advice to organize therapy in your region our city. We can too in french and dutch. Ask us, questions are free:) 


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